DIY Indoor Terrarium Garden in 4 Easy Steps

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I’ve been obsessed with succulents for a while now.

My obsession with succulents started a few years ago, when I decided to try my hand at growing and propagating succulents. Then I saw how great they looked in terrariums, so I made my own. And yes, they looked super cute at first, but I soon realize that cuteness wouldn’t last.

Succulents are dessert plants, so they need sun, LOTS and LOTS of it. Otherwise they start to get leggy, meaning  they get really long and stretched out, like this:

(Source: Needles + Leaves)

And since I wanted to use my potted succulents and terrariums as decor in areas that didn’t get a lot of sun, like on a dining room or side table, it meant they got leggy, REAL fast. And leggy succulents aren’t cute succulents.

It also doesn’t help that the mid-atlantic region where I live isn’t sunny and warm year round, so my succulents always got nice and big in the summer, just to turn super ugly and leggy and on the brink of death over the winter.

So now I use fake succulents, they look just as great and require ZERO maintenance. When I came across this easy DIY indoor terrarium garden from Z Gallerie, I just knew I had to try it!

Luckily, I already had some of the supplies laying around from previous projects, so I gathered what I had, and went to Michaels and Target to pick up the rest. I also got inspired by this gorgeous flower filled terrarium I’d seen used as a wedding table centerpiece, so I decided to try that in a tall container instead to mix it up and add some height.

Here are the indoor gardens I ended up making…

This project was super easy and fun and really lets you play around with creating all sorts of indoor gardens using pretty much anything you want! I think I went a little overboard, although I don’t think I’ll have any issues finding places to put these beautiful gardens, especially since they don’t have to be anywhere near the sun! They also make great gifts!

I hope you have just as much fun making your own DIY indoor terrarium garden, let me know how it goes!


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