Turning Up the Holiday Glam with Winter White Christmas Decorations

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the mayhem of holiday shopping in full swing, it finally feels like the holidays! I just absolutely love the holiday season, and as cheesy as it sounds, this time of the year just exudes joy and happiness and puts me in a such a great mood. I mean, what’s NOT to love? From the sparkly decorations to jolly music and festive holiday parties, you’d have to be a complete grump to not find joy in that.

The holiday season is probably the one time of the year where I would actually go bananas with decor. And I’m totally one of those people who’d leave their Christmas decorations up way into the new year. Heck, I’d probably have it up year round if I could get away with it! 😀

While there’s nothing like seeing beautifully decorated red and green Christmas adornments to put you in the ultimate holiday spirit, traditional red and green themes just really aren’t my thing.

I’ve always loved winter wonderlands. Maybe it’s because growing up in the midwest, winters were always covered in a blanket of white. There’s just something so magical and breath takingly beautiful about a landscape covered in a thick, fluffy blanket of powdery snow.

So for our own holiday decorations, I couldn’t resist going for a glammed up version of a winter white Christmas theme with lots of added glitz and glamour!

I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on a fake tree (who knew fake trees could be so expensive?!?), so I just picked up a cheap pre-lit tree at the local Walmart, and decided to embellish with LOTS of shiny decorations! 😉

Here’s the tree after some initial fluffing, a little naked but ready to be adorned with love!



After some ribbons, bows, and lots of ornaments, this tree’s glam makeover is complete!






Sticking with the glammed up winter wonderland theme, it’s time to jazz up the dining table with more white and metallic pieces. After all, you can never have too much sparkle for the holidays, right?










Lastly, incorporating a few other pieces of decor throughout the house really helped tie everything together!







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